4 Reasons to Engage a Wills and Estates Lawyer

Posted by: Marlene Hughes
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You live your life to the extent that you acquire as many assets as possible. Assets may include your wealth, your resources, your properties, and anything that is under your name. That being said, we all have to accept the possibility that we could die at any moment, which is why you want to write a Will just in case.

A ‘Will’ is essentially a legal document that, when executed, will give all of your assets to the people whom you have stated on your Will.

This can be done through the help of a family attorney or a Will Creator.

Today, I am going to give you some reasons why you need to engage with a Wills and Estates Lawyer.

A Lawyer Ensures Your Will Adheres to Legal Requirements

The internet, although a vast resource of information, would provide you with data that you need to make your Will ‘legally viable’. However, you cannot be sure that the information that you can gather is actually something that will help your document conform to the legal requirements of your country.

That being said, a lawyer that the things that are stated on your will are actually allowed by law. One good example of this is are you legally allowed to give one of your children the lion’s share of your assets when compared to others? Or, what if your legal document leaves one of your children out and supposes that your other children want to contest it, are they legally able to contest your Will?

A lawyer will not only make sure that your Will adheres to the legal requirements of your country, but they will also ensure that the things that are stated therein can be executed without legal ramifications.

A Lawyer Can Help You List Down All of Your Disposable Assets

It is important to remember that not all of your assets can be included in your last Will and testament.

For example, if you co-founded your company, based on common sense, you are not legally able to sell the company since it has been co-owned by someone else. The question now would be if your beneficiaries can sell your shares or hold on to them under their name. The answers to these questions are not cut-and-dry that is why getting the services of a lawyer are needed.

A Lawyer Can Ensure that Your Will is ‘Complete’

There are plenty of questions that people usually ask whenever they create their Wills. For instance, should they include all of their children in the Will? Who are you going to appoint as your children’s legal guardian? Who is going to execute your Will?

These questions can be answered by a professional lawyer that handles plenty of these cases, so be sure to get one.

They Help Ensure that Your Will Greatly Reduce Its Chance of Getting Challenged.

The people that are stated in your Will can pretty much challenge the document if they feel that they do not get a fair share. A lawyer pretty much gives you some legal guidance to help greatly reduce its chances of getting challenged by your beneficiaries.

Marlene Hughes