5 Important Tips by Wedding Planners

Posted by: Marlene Hughes
Category: Wedding

Are excited to wear that beautiful bridal tiara from Malaysia on your wedding day? Well, before getting all enthusiastic for that loving moment, you need to deal with the stressful wedding planning process first. Below are some wedding planning tips from professionals you must now.

Get a fancy umbrella.

A special wedding would require a fancy umbrella. Get that specific pretty umbrella you wouldn’t mind being seen under. You need this in case it rains, and when taking outdoor photos. Think of it as a cute prop!

Make sure that the directions really work.

Before sending out the wedding invitations, ask a friend to drive the venue-provided directions. See to it that it really works. You wouldn’t want your guests to feel confused. Follow the directions well. If some details are not clear, you would have more time to rewrite everything.

Make room for additional dinner set ups and seats.

There should be extra napkins, glasses, flatware and plates for any surprise guests.

Familiarize yourself around the neighborhood.

Driving around the wedding venue before the special day will help you familiarize yourself with the location. Always be in the lookout for a hardware store, stationary store, ATM, liquor shop or drugstore. You need these shops for last-minute needs during the party. Moreover, take note of the closing and opening times of each store.

Think through the wedding event from the point of view of your guests.

Each minor detail must be covered, from who will assist the visitors from the chapel to the reception area, to the person who will hand out the programs.

Marlene Hughes