Do the Casino Games That You Play Say Something About Your Personality?

Posted by: Marlene Hughes
Category: Gambling

In 2017, the UK Gambling Commission has published a study where 45% of the adult
population in Britain that plays in online casinos and live casinos all gravitate towards a
certain type of game based on their personality.

This just reinforces the notion that casinos should always have many different games to
cater to many different personalities.

I’ve read the report and in this article, I will share some of the most interesting findings
from the said study.


Poker is definitely one of the most popular casino games out there and according to the
study, people who play this game are usually those that are mathematical risk-takers.
The reason why they are deemed as such because some people would use
mathematical analysis, along with some risk-taking and poker skills to ensure their win
over their competitors.


People who play blackjack are said to be strategic thinkers. Although this game doesn’t
really require complex strategies compared to poker, blackjack players would still rely
heavily on their carefully devised strategies to win.

That is even more evident by the fact that unlike poker players, blackjack players are
ostentatious with regards to showing off their skills and strategies. You could say that
they are more daring and have unwavering confidence (but you could also think that
they are just putting on a more confident demeanor despite really feeling nervous inside).


Another staple in casinos, roulette players are said to be thrill-seekers, but unlike the
two previously-mentioned games, they are more bashful than others.

It is important to keep in mind that there are a lot of people playing this game and that is
not mostly because of psychology, but because the game is generally easy to play and
your chance of winning is much higher compared to other games like the slot machine
or video poker.

Still, roulette players are generally shy in the context of showing any strategy, but again,
you could attribute that to the nature of the game.


When you visit any casino, you would instantly know if you’ve arrived at the craps pit
when you see people high-fiving each other and are quite loud in general. That is
because craps is an easy game to play and are quite exciting since luck and some hand
dexterity are involved in each play.

So, what does the UKGC have to say about craps players? Well, according to their
report, craps players are ‘intrepid extraverts’.

Just like blackjack players, they are boisterous and energetic and are not shy of exuding
their confidence and energy to others.

The game is actually quite exciting in and of itself. You roll the dice in the hopes of
getting numbers other than 7 and when you do get such combinations, you can expect
people to shout at the top of their lungs to cheer for you (and also them, if they decide to
bet on their own).

Marlene Hughes