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Top event planners need to employ strong event management strategies and tools to ensure every deadline and details are met, and run events smoothly. Read up on these tips for event management to help you plan like a pro with Asana.

Create a plan to distribute responsibility

Distribute responsibility to your team to ensure that every deadline is met. Create a detailed to do list to keep track of responsibilities across your team.

1) Map out the plan – Use Asana to provide clear deadlines to your team when you delegate tasks and assignments to them and to help you manage tasks.
2) Follow up – Keep track of quotation requests and other important tasks by setting up task reminders using Asana so you are notified every week.

Break tasks into small steps, keep related works connected

It is time to break down work into smaller manageable parts to make it easier to accomplish. This will also help you monitor tasks of other team members and make sure everyone is on the right track with their tasks.

1) Break up larger tasks into smaller ones – You can use Asana to create subtasks that will show you which tasks need to be completed and who is responsible for each one.
2) Connect related work – Asana has a feature called dependencies that ensures prior tasks are completed before moving to the next one. Use also the feature @mentioning to link conversations, tasks and projects to the team so they are updated.

Make meetings productive and provide updates between each one

Before calling for a meeting, map out what the goal and agenda for the meeting is so that everyone will come prepared, and leave with the next step in mind. Stick to your topic and set time per agenda to cover necessaries and collaborate on a strategy.

1) Come up with a meeting agenda – Asana can be used to create a list about the agenda, attach relevant files and take down notes.
2) Provide effective status updates to lessen meetings – Meetings can be time consuming. Use Asana to keep everyone informed when you provide status updates and details without the need for another

Define your daily activities

You need to allocate time to be able to execute the tasks in your even plan
as it is important proper priorities. For example, Asana has their
Wednesdays free from meetings to be able to focus on important tasks forthe entire day.

1) Plan your day – Use Asana’s My Tasks to keep track of what you need to do day to day and the tasks that require priority.
2) Check your schedule – Asana has Calendar View in their My Tasks to monitor what is coming up in your schedule, what needs to be rescheduled and what needs to be completed today.


Use event management apps

Managing and planning an event is stressful, but with the help of event management tools you are sure to be able to pull off a successful event.

1) Asana – Asana can help you organize all that clutter during your event planning process. Manage vendors, track your progress and create checklists in one place.
2) Eventbrite – Use Eventbrite to invite guests, advertise, manage RSVPs, check tickets on the event day and prevent guests important information like time and place – all using one app.

Marlene Hughes