Website Design 101: Trends You Should Follow This 2019

Posted by: Marlene Hughes
Category: Web Design

Serif fonts

This 2019, the style choice for a better user interface will be sans serif. Why? It can contribute to better readability, and takes lesser valuable spaces.

Bad design kitsch

Website designers know that bad design kitsch is regarded as a perennial trend. However, once in a while, website developer loves venturing to the wild, unconventional side. It is known for its lurid style, strobing patterns and customized cursors.

Pantone Colors

Are you familiar with pantone colors? Pantone officially declared that for 2019, the color of the year would be living coral. It’s a lovely shade that can be paired with gorgeous palm greens and Caribbean turquoises. This can add a tropical, cheerful feel to your layout.

Never-ending scrolling stories

Scrolling experience would continue to improve this 2019. Do you know that through scrolling alone, you can tell unique stories? Scrollable visual storytelling is engaging and compelling because it adds narrative to a certain web page. It is also easy to use, and hints content further down the web page.

Interactive video

Expect to see more interactive videos this 2019. These videos allow viewers to change views and textures, making it a more reliable experience.

Custom cursors

Another trend you need to watch out for this 2019 are customized cursors. CSS allows designers to modify the way cursors appear when hovering on the elements.

Marlene Hughes