Which is Better for Law Firms- SEO or PPC?

Posted by: Marlene Hughes
Category: Online Marketing

We all know the power of both SEO and PPC when it comes to driving traffic to your website. SEO is the use of different techniques and strategies to help drive more organic traffic and PPC is the use of different marketing efforts to somehow entice people to visit your page.

However, employing them would be an either-or situation since their use would require a lot of money. SEO efforts, alone, would require upwards of $3000/month; something that people would have to look at closely if they want to rank higher on the SERPs.

The same goes for PPC and it even might be more expensive than SEO. That is why law firms are faced with the dilemma of only implementing only one of these. In the best case scenario, you should employ both of them to maximize your presence on the top of the search engine results page.

However, given how costly it can be and if you decide to choose only one of them, which one would you pick? Well, I am here to give you some pros and cons about them so you can decide for yourself.



  • Lower Costs– It would be much cheaper for you to implement SEO rather than PPC because there really is no cost to click on your website.
  • Prolonged Exposure- Once you reach the top of the search engine results page because of SEO, you will enjoy full-time exposure. This is unlike PPC where exposure stops at certain times of the day or when your threshold has been reached.
  • Enjoy Traffic from Multiple Channels- PPC only relies on leads that you can get from searches. However, by using SEO, you can enjoy multiple channels of traffic such as social media platforms, legal directories, and even some news sources as well.


  • It Takes a Long Time- The effects of your SEO efforts will not be felt right after a few days of implementation. You have to wait a considerable amount of time for the changes to really take effect.
  • Possible Adaptation- Since SEO algorithms get refined every year, you will have to tweak or even outright replace all of the SEO strategies that you’ve used as some or all of them might change.



  • Results are Immediate- Once you’ve set up the correct parameters, you can instantly feel the difference.
  • Consistent Results- By getting a competent person that will handle your PPC campaign, you will get consistent and reliable results.


  • Higher Costs- Because you are paying money every time someone clicks on your website, PPC is actually costlier than implementing SEO.
  • Set Times for Exposure- PPC can be quite expensive. Therefore, the number of times your website will reach the top of the SERPs will be limited (unless you have plenty of money to spend). Your website’s exposure will not get optimized once you’ve reached the limit or at certain times of the day.


If you were to ask me which is better, I’d say that it is personal preference. If anything, I would recommend using both of them since their pros and cons pretty much align perfectly to give you the best advantage possible.

However, given that we have money constraints, you should look at their advantages and disadvantages and decide which is better suited for your website.You can also consult an internet marketing agency on which technique you should use.

Marlene Hughes